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When Retailers and Condoms are Been Combined Together...

Imagine if all retailers started making their own condoms & kept their own name...

Tesco Condoms
"Every Little Helps"

Nike Condoms
"Just do it"

Peugeot Condoms
"The Ride of your Life"

KFC Condoms
"Finger Lickin' Good"

Pringles Condoms
"You Pop You Can't Stop"

Burger King Condoms
"Home of the Whopper"

Andrex Condoms
"Soft Strong & Very Long"

Mcdonald's Condoms
"Im Lovin' it"

Polo Condoms
"The One With The Hole.."
....OH FUCK!!


Lion Kiara said...

lol... andrex toilet roll... wahahaha

Nizam said...


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